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What to expect.

Working with us

Taking a vacation is fun … but planning a vacation can be a headache.  You want it all: warm weather, adventure, child friendly excursions, and social events for your 85 year old mother. Don’t tear your hair out trying to plan the perfect vacation.  Leave the stress to us.

Some people think the internet made travel agents obsolete.  Our clients know better. We use our extensive training and expertise to minimize your pre travel stress level.

We know which cruises are running incredible deals, which cruise dates are best for Alaska, and which cruise liner serves the best dinner.  Wondering about details with a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean? Let’s chat. One perk of being a travel agent is talking to lots of travelers and getting to travel. We will help you choose a destination to match your lifestyle.

Get your dream vacation started with a phone call.  Let’s discuss your ideal vacation. 443-703-6600

Our system for success

  1.    We listen to you and ask a lot of questions to discover your priorities.

  2.     We start planning and you start relaxing. 

  3. This is where we perform our magic.

  4.     You embark on a fabulous vacation.  If you encounter any problems, give us a call. We work to make your vacation hassle free.

  5.     When you get back, we’ll ask how everything went.

Our planning is different from searching the internet

Travel Leaders, the largest travel consortium of travel agencies, gives us access to training, special pricing, feedback, and a large database of information. Our streamlined and efficient system means you can stop searching the internet. We have 75 preferred suppliers that include Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Apple Vacations, and Funjet Vacations.  Each supplier has distinct specialties.  We find the one that best fulfills your list of desires.

We love all types of travel, but we have a few specialties.  They include:

Cruises to Alaska
Cruises to the Caribbean
Group travel
Multi-generational travel, like grandparents with grandchildren.
All-inclusive travel

You can’t beat FREE service

Our service is free to you.  Some people even save money by using us for stress-free vacation planning.  We earn the money from the suppliers.

Take the first step toward bliss now.  Call Destinations 24/7 Travel Services at 443-703-6600.  Ask for Scott Faust. Stop stressing and start smiling.